Performance Coaching

True performance only comes… when its no longer a performance.

Performance Coaching

Visual Imprint

The basis of all performance is your vision. Your ability to see yourself execute an action with precision before you even step into your shoes is one of the most effective ways of performing at your peak – every time.

Many of the worlds greatest sport people use visual imagery techniques to ensure that each minut part of their movements and routines are performed with precision in their mind, before they attempt to action it in competition.

NLP, neuro-linguistic programming is one of the latest advancements in allowing the mind to create masterful imagery of actions it wishes to than transfer energy too in the physical sense.

Matt Cooper says, ‘more often than not, it’s the mind of the athlete that is holding back their performance rather than their actual physical ability to perform. What you see without seeing – makes all the difference.’

A visual performance session with Matt Cooper is approximately 60-90 minutes in which time you will work on specific visual training designed to have you performing at your peak. This session is greatly beneficial for pre-race/competition performances, technical aspect athletes (such as aerial, gymnastics, high skilled actions) and athletes who have found it hard in past performance to achieve their goals.

Matt has also used these techniques for athletes looking to correct poor technique. This session can be done both face to face or via internet connection call.

Energy Trigger

Once our vision is clear, our performances come down to one crucial element – Energy. Our ability to focus and deliver energy to our actions under pressure and during times of high physical exhertion AND even more importantly as a performance athlete, our ability to ‘switch off’, be calm and allow our energy to rebuild while resting.

The Energy Trigger is a performance tool used by Matt Cooper, combining neuro-linguistic programming and touch imprint. It has been used on athletes of all levels from many sports including aerial skiers/snowboarders, mountain runners, ultra endurance athletes, equestrian riders, golfers, taekwondo competitors, soccer, tennis, archery players and extreme sport athletes (including redbull athletes).

It combines visual imagery techniques (psychology) with touch imprint (physiology) to give you complete control of your energy when it counts. Calmness – control – f l o w and focus are all elements we combine in this imprint and are without doubt some of the main elements to a peak performance.

This session is of approximately 70-90 minutes and can be done both face to face with Matt Cooper or online (for interstate/international athletes).

This method was uniquely designed by Matt Cooper to allow each individual to have the utmost control of their energy whilst practising, performing and very importantly recovering.

Deep State Recovery

‘You can measure an athletes ability to perform at a peak level, by their ability to rest.’ Many athletes that Matt has worked with have taken the ‘art’ of recovery to a greater level then their performance… which inturn – has led their performances well above the level of their rest.

Just as the mountain tiger can fiercly accelerate to full speed in any given moment to catch his prey – can he also, completely surrender to rest and quietness in the blink of an eye. Because hidden amongst the stillness and calmness of his prowess… is all the speed he could ever need.

Quite often athletes focus their recovery ‘skin deep’. Meaning the use of massage, nutrition, cold water baths or cross training. Whilst all of these means are of great value, we quite often miss the most important elements to true deep recovery… Deliberate Rest and Breath.

Our ability to be still and breath are two of the most commonly under-practised elements in our performance. In Deep State Recovery sessions, Matt combines both Visual Imprint and hypnotherapy techniques with ancient breathing practises to give you a true recovery experience unlike ever before.

This session has been alikened to ‘laying awake actually experiencing the feeling of being deep asleep’. A popular session for endurance athletes or any athlete where recovery between sessions/performances needs to be maximised. These sessions are between 45-60 minutes in duration and can be done face to face or via internet conference call with Matt.

note. Matt also offers a ‘Recovery Imprint’ session for athletes who wish to continually trigger this deep recovery after their initial session. This can only be done on face to face sessions.

This is the Performance Imprint by Matt Cooper

To facilitate the performance of an action with calmness, control and a complete focus of energy (presence);

  1. Clearly define unffiltered vision of performance in desired state
  2. Align performance with higher purpose, core values, beliefs and future learnings of the performer
  3. Intellectualize performance in measureable data and conceptualize elements of action requisite to performer achieving performance
  4. Develop masterful practises for elements of action in their simplest form, at the level of pre-action : action : re-action
  5. Schedule periodization of masterful practises with deliberate rest, prescribed in sequence of performance until action performed autonomously with mastery

‘performance’deliberate action with intentional result

‘elements of action’the specific components which create a whole

‘masterful practices’practices actioned with deliberate, purposeful movement; controlled and calm; allowing an unresistant flow of energy; clarity of mind and connection to instinct/Self.


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