‘Coaching with Matt allowed me to create a clear mental approach to training and racing. The sessions were as, if not more, important than any training sessions I did in the mountains this year!’

~ Scott Hawker ~


‘When I committed to working with Matt in 2012, it was with the goal of managing my race nerves and improving my running experience and performance. Little did I know that Matt’s guidance would help me draw true clarity to my vision, connect me to my purpose, help me find authentic direction and motivation and give me the confidence and skills to climb the highest mountains.’

~ Jo Brischetto ~


‘Matt, I love your attitude to performance. You don’t tell people what to do – you show them what they are capable of.’

~ Katherine MacMillan ~


‘Matt is always calm, concise and wanting to assist you to achieve in every possible way as much as he can. From running through to everyday life, the thoughts and experiences shared really help you see running in the mountains from a different perspective.’

~ Blake Hose ~


‘I met Matt in 2014 when I was experiencing a lack of confidence in technical running, especially downhill running following perineal ankle surgery in 2013. I use to love descending but could not get back to my pre-surgery confidence and simply wasn’t enjoying it despite having healed up very well. Through a series of specific sessions we worked on techniques to improve confidence including breathing, visualisation and purely focusing energies on the present.

It really has helped me find a love for ‘attacking’ the downhill again.

The techniques learnt are helping me ‘never give up’ in races and simply enjoy my running more than ever – in fact 2015 season was my most fun ever. Matt is one of the calmest and most caring people I’ve met and an incredible endurance athlete – perfect for a coach! Thanks again for helping me on the other side of the world!’

~ Tom Owens ~


‘Being coached by Coops is so much more than just a ‘session’. He is a guide to discover the very best you can be- not just in running, but in life. His holistic approach to training taught me how to find the elusive ‘flow’ and each session built confidence in my ability to find that incredible focus required for greatness.’

~ Jacinta O’neill ~


‘After a 20 year long career doing extreme races all over the planet I seemed to hit a brick wall after running the length of NZ 2250km and was feeling burnt out, lacking in motivation and putting myself under extreme pressure to keep going despite not really wanting to, my life long passion for adventure and running had literally run out on me and I turned to Matt for help. His approach to helping me get through this hurdle was so different and revolutionary for me and was the tonic I needed. He gave me a new perspective and helped me achieve a shift in my mindset that set me back on the road to wanting more and gaining my passion and enthusiasm back. I am very very grateful to Matt and highly recommend his approach to training and his life philosophy. Fantastic asset to the sporting community.’

~ Lisa Tamati ~

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