Tapping into your pure Energy.

This blog comes from an interest sparked by a few readers into the meaning behind ‘Present Energy‘… A term which I use often and utilise in both my training and life.

I will spoil some myths to begin…

- it is not a cult
- it is not a religion
- it is not a big company or body with which I work for
- it is not something you can buy or physically put in your running pack…

Present Energy is simply two words which came together for me whilst on a long road exploring myself, inner energy and what it is I believe I was born to do… my message I guess you could say.

Now… before you make any conclusions, I was born just as anyone else on this world, grew up as a mongrel kid (so my mum might say), jumped out of windows at school, party’d hard, did some crazy things – a lot at one stage, hurt some people along the way, abused my body…

In this same time though I was also loved very much, nurtured as well and set free to find my own feet, travelled the world and met some amazing people, given my time and really questioned in depth the greater meaning of my existence.

Bringing continual punishment of myself to an end happened only a few years ago – when I learnt some of the greatest lessons life has to offer. Without going into detail, this involved much physical pain… which without having to add also brings mental, emotional and spiritual pain.

Present Energy is two words put together that simply tell these life lessons in simple terms. Present (presence) is to be completely immersed in the space/time you are in right now. It is a state I guess you would say, though it is one that while ever you think you’re in or are trying to be in – you won’t be. I like to think of it as ‘

action without thought

‘. It would be similarly termed as being in the moment… You’re not there, until you don’t know you’re there.

You may have noticed this at times in your own life or seen it in others. If you want to see this, take a trip into the wild and observe an animal for some time, or to not even go that far, watch your family dog through a window when they don’t know you’re there… Even your own kids as they play, learn and observe things in life without thought. That is… without attaching what is happening right now to a future outcome or event… or similarly without being limited by the past or something that happened in the past which now limits their action.

Gymnasts in mid air, snowboarders taking off on jumps, divers as they spring off the board, runners as they enter and race in ‘the zone’, artists as they create master pieces, musicians whilst in midst of their orchestra, Buddhist’s in life practises… without making this sound elite, this state is most commonly entered into when you are performing at a heightened state – normally leading to heightened performance.

Energy, as with my own experience and lack of knowledge at one stage I used to link this very word with physical sources, ie. food, drinks, nutrition. Our results in life balance on our very own ability to successfully create energy, harness it, constantly rebuild it and most importantly focus it to the most important areas of our lives. At this stage in my life where I became aware and started to question my own energy and how it worked within my own body-mind, I realised that the energy we derive from physical form is merely a scratch on the surface as far as true energy for life and performance goes.

A good way to look at it is this simple example. The marathon.

42.2 kilometres of running, physical output, exertion and energy. As almost everyone who has run a marathon experienced, there seems to be an almost visible ‘wall’ that can be hit around the 30-35k mark. In this moment of so called hitting a wall, or physical energy is at an all time low – exhausted. Through, sometimes a complete struggle and forced urgency to keep going and get to the end (as a very strong fear of failure is on mind), we push through the wall. We get to about the 40 k mark and all of a sudden, without eating, drinking or taking anything magical most runners are almost able to pick up speed again and race to the finish line sometimes faster than they started!

Where did this energy come from? There is a far greater energy source when we can access and control it then what we perceive we get from food. To be honest, with most of the diets I see people on these days, the food is more of an energy zapper then builder!

Consequences or life when we are not utilising Present Energy… Well, ask yourself this question; where are you living when you are in thought? As researched by famous Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, the average human has up to 70,000 thoughts per day! Now to me, that’s gotta take a lot of energy… especially if these aren’t all encouraging, uplifting and positive thoughts. But again, I ask you the question… Where are you actually living whilst in thought?

The most common place most people are living in our modern world today is what I call ‘Thought Life’. I will post more about this in a future article, but whilst ever you are actually thinking, you must either be in the future… or the past… reliving an incident or creating a story for the future.

It seems a constant human way of life these days is to always be doing something for another time, ‘getting ready’ to live, experience and enjoy. A lot of energy sometimes goes into planting the flowers and making them grow quicker to sell more, that we forget to smell them before they go.

Exercise for this article. Spend some time watching your family pet. If you don’t have a pet, then a bird n the park or duck in the pond. What do you notice about their energy?

If you would like to receive these future articles or learn more about Present Energy, please feel free to contact me.

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