Rob Mason (Maso)… coming to Trailmade Autumn Camp

Dec 13 111

When it comes to ‘ultra’ distance and mindset, we sure have an ‘ace’ up our sleeve in 2016 with the welcoming of Rob Mason to the Trailmade team. With 4 consecutive years running Australia’s longest Ultra – Coast2Kosci, top results in numerous other Australian Ultra events including Narrabeen allnighter, Hume and Hovell 100, Northface 100 (UTA), Glasshouse 100, GNW 100, Sri Chimnoy 100 and 24hr Coburg track, Maso comes with a very unique understanding of what the ‘human-being’ is really capable of achieving. As an accredited and practising Master coach, hypnotist and NLP trainer, a little time with Maso ‘on the trail’ and throughout our camps may give you just the right tip in unleashing your true potential as a runner. Looking forward to learning about power naps for Ultra runners!

More on Rob Mason here.