present energy…


Although simply a logo, an image, some colour… the present energy symbol was something I created many years ago whilst trying to put into words exactly what being in the mountains, a runner, an explorer, a father meant to me.

The triangular part of the symbol comes from the strength that exists in the mountains, with the triangle (pyramid) shape being the strongest shape of all symbols. The circle surrounding the mountain is symbolic for constant movement and flow forward into this life. It is open at the end because as I see it, naturally we will always be going forward – there is always the next thing, the next moment, but what is most important about the fact of always having the next moment, is just how much – we can stay in this moment.

Our energy only ever exists right here – now. To feel your breath, to see instead of looking, to feel instead of touching… to exists in this moment, instead of constantly searching ahead.

This is where true energy exists.


‘Trail Butterfly’ coming to Trailmade Autumn camp…

Gretel Profile Pic

It’s a wonderful pleasure to welcome our very own ‘trail butterfly’ Gretel Fortmann back to Trailmade camps in 2016. Gretel has been part of our training camps since day one. With a background in mountain guiding, sports training, nutrition and nursing… I almost don’t need to add the fact that she has f inished top 10 in one of the Worlds toughest-longest-mountain ultra’s – Tor Des Geants (a 330km mountain race with over 25,000m climbing!). Gretel, a fellow Salomon Australia Team member, has trained and raced across the globe in recent years and has a passion for sharing adventure with anyone ready to live life, just – as they dream. A co-director of Summit Sisters, a company dedicated to growing a healthy, f i t and strong community of women from all walks of life, our trail butterfly brings energy to Trailmade camps we haven’t been able to capture anywhere in the mountain before!

More on Gretel Fortmann here… and Summit Sisters here.


energy 1.


Quite often whilst out in the mountains, we can be overwhelmed by the task at hand (perhaps climbing a peak, doing a pb to the top, simply just trying to push and get through our own self-talk and lack of confidence). All the while, all this sound and busyness in our minds – blocks us from the magic that ‘is’ actually energising us as we run.

As captured in the image, there are so many elements of nature which hold a seemingly ‘unknown’ energy for us, but until we are actually still enough to see, hear or feel it… it never really exists to us.

I never am sure what captures me to be still and just listen at certain moments in the mountains… but one thing I do know, is to trust that when its time too – I do.

My interest in posting this image (which I took on an ascent of Mt Bogong) was because only seconds before I took this image, I too was distracted from the energy of nature around me due to the noise in my own mind.

Perhaps you have been in a similar situation? Where the sound of your own self-talk or thinking almost blocked you out ‘unknowingly’ of the energy that was around you.

3 simple steps to open all your senses whilst running in the mountains… (and perhaps, tap into an energy unlike any other for climbing higher and higher).

– before you begin running, stop – be still and simply let your eyes see all that surrounds you for a moment. The colours, contrast, textures, birds, water running, trees… whatever it may be. This is apart of natures pure energy (and WE ARE nature too… right?)
– whilst running, allow yourself to focus on hearing some of the sounds outside of you as you climb. To do this I normally put my focus back on my breath, once it is nice and calm I then slowly allow myself to hear the sounds around me (and trust me… they are always there – no matter where you run)
– periodically… allow yourself to be connected to the feelings of the mountain. Simply brushing your hands through the leaves of a tree, rubbing past the bark, perhaps just simply getting your hands dirty on the trail.

Only when we are still enough to begin noticing this energy – shall the energy truly exist.