Matt Cooper

Performance coach, nlp specialist and accomplished elite athlete…

Matt Cooper

Clear the mind – focus your energy – Perform

With over 10 years of performance coaching athletes to achieve mastery in their chosen sport, Matt offers one on one coaching sessions with specific focus on Visualisation, Energy control and Deep rest/recovery.

As an accomplished ultra mountain runner, with 100 mile mountain records in Australia and highest ranking Australian athlete in the 100 mile distance internationally, Matt’s methodology of focusing on the athletes visual performance, energy and recovery definitely speaks for itself in results.

Internationally recognised in Neuro-linguistic programming and behaviour change, Matts able to adopt a varied range of tools in order to achieve outstanding results with each athlete he works with. Performance coaching sessions include; Visual Imprint (visualisation and NLP), Energy trigger and Deep state recovery.

Based at Australia’s premium athlete training location, Bright Victoria (3 hr drive Melbourne Airport, 1.5 hr Albury and 4 hrs Canberra), coaching sessions may be booked with Matt both in person and via internet connect conference (for International and Interstate athletes). Contact Matt for your specific performance coaching requirements, session availability and location.

True performance comes… when its no longer a performance.


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