Creating vision

beyond sight

It’s not what you do – but how you do it.

Matt Cooper

Whether you are trying to master a new technique, enhance your ability to focus energy, perfect a once in a lifetime performance or simply step up to the next level, Matt Cooper, performance coach and simply, a man who likes to ‘see’ people fulfil their greatest ambitions… can work with you.

From aerial skiing to downhill slalom, competitive dressage to grand prix show jumping, mountain running, obstacle racing, marathon p.b, multiday adventure races, martial arts, tennis, soccer, archery… if it requires action and energy… a performance coaching session with Matt will take you to the next level.

Creating clear visual imagery (through neuro-linguistic programming NLP) combined with mastering fundamental practises of f l o w and energy will allow you, the athlete to perform your actions precisely, timely and with complete f l o w… every time.


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